Bonnots Mill



Bonnots Mill is a well preserved French river town from the latter half of the 19th century, earning it the designation of a National Historic District.



View of Bonnots Mill in the fall


Lewis and Clark re-enactors at Bonnots Mill


The town owes it's existence to it's location along the Missouri River which brought settlers and the attendant commerce in the wake of Lewis and Clark. The re-enactors even stopped here on their way upstream in 2004.




The area was served by riverboats until the 1850's when the first railroad line came through. This caused rapid growth, with the town reaching its peak population in the early 1900's. Railroad buffs are still drawn to the town.

Vintage steam train pulling into Bonnots Mill


The Business district (all 2 blocks of it) includes a post office, a general store, the old bank, and an historic saloon, now operating as Johnny Mac's Bar and Grill.


Bonnots Mill wedding chapel

The former Methodist Church is now available as a wedding chapel.

Johnny Mac's Bar and Grill

Bonnots Mill bi-centennial parade

The bi-centennial parade, September 2008



A walk up Church Hill Street takes you past quaint little wood frame houses and the hundred year old Catholic Church. If you continue on up the bluff behind the church you will be rewarded with a wonderful view of the Osage and Missouri Rivers. You might even see one of our resident bald eagles!


Sunset over the Osage River


For those who want to spend the day on the River, Bonnots Mill has its own public boat ramp.

For fishermen the area offers a good population of catfish, buffalo and drum and the Osage is excellent for recreational boating as well.

Some guests have even come by boat. Call us for more information!

Bonnots Mill public boat ramp


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